How to start online business and make money online in Malaysia and Singapore?  Why you should start your online business now? These days, the internet has become a popular medium and platform for the searching and sharing of information. 90% of consumers actually using their smart phone conduct research online before even considering whether or not to make a purchase on a product or service.

How To Start Online Business in Malaysia and Singapore?

Running an online business in Malaysia and Singapore can include buying and selling online, and providing an online service. A wide variety of businesses can be found online, in many different industries. Just like with any business, you’ll need an excellent product and a solid marketing plan.  To set up your online business you need to define your products and services. To help your product stand apart from the rest, you’ll need to conducting market research to identify your target market, assess demand, competition and reaction to your prices from potential punters and figure out what isn’t already being offered, find a way to fill the hole with your product. Or try to find a niche, if the product itself isn’t very unique, your expertise might be a strong selling point.

Setting Up Your Online Business in Malaysia and Singapore

Go Online Marketing Sdn Bhd is conducting 3 days internet marketing training courses to help business owners to set up their online business in Malaysia and Singapore. 3 days internet marketing training courses is an introduction to the principles and techniques behind internet marketing and is best suited to beginners who have never had any experience of marketing their business online.

3 days Internet Marketing Training Courses

3 Days Internet Marketing Course will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to take advantage of the online marketplace, and help you to start marketing your business more effectively online. Course includes the following modules and sessions:

Malaysia Internet Marketing course in johor bahruModule 1 – Introduction to Online Marketing for Local Business
  • Session 1 –  Understanding the basics of online marketing
  • Session 2 –  The importance of website that SELLs
  • Session 3 –  Available platforms and tools for website creation
  • Session 4 –  The importance of getting traffics to website
Module 2 – Internet Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Session 1 – Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Session 2 – Different Business Models
  • Session 3 – Internet Marketing Planning
  • Session 4 –  B2B Internet Marketing
  • Session 5 – B2C Internet Marketing
  • Session 6 – Constructing The Internet Marketing Plan – Overview
  • Session 7 – Constructing The Internet Marketing Plan – Setting Goals
  • Session 8 – Constructing The Internet Marketing Plan – Online Research & Competition Analysis
  • Session 9 – Constructing The Internet Marketing Plan – Segmentation
  • Session 10 – Constructing The Internet Marketing Plan – The Proposition
  • Session 11 – Constructing The Internet Marketing Plan – Alignment
Malaysia Internet Marketing course in johor bahruModule 3 –  Business Website Creation
  • Session 1 – Domain Name Selections
  • Session 2 – Hosting Provider Selections
  • Session 3 – Create an appealing business website
  • Session 4 – Website content optimization
Module 4 – Search Engine Optimization
  • Session 1 – How Do Search Engines Work
  • Session 2 – Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Session 3 – Understand the trend of Search Engine
  • Session 4 – Demand & Competitive analysis
  • Session 5 – Develop a SEO plan and Sitemap
  • Session 6 – Content Creations Strategy
  • Session 7 – Image Optimization
  • Session 8 – Summary
Module 5 – Generating Targeted Traffic
  • Session 1 – Different Sources Of Traffic
  • Session 2 – Online presence creations
  • Session 3 –  Social media presence creations
  • Session 4 –  Blog marketing
  • Session 5 –  Article marketing
  • Session 6 –  Paid channel marketing
Module 6 – Analytic & Tracking Tools
  • Session 1 – How to use the best available tools to track competitors and consumer comments
  • Session 2 – Analyze performance of web traffics, demographics, conversion, rising trends etc.
  • Session 3 – Improve search results based on analytic data


Each participant will receive:
One year free hosting of business website and business email.


Entry Requirement :

Participants who wish to attend the Internet Marketing Course must have the following items:

  • a note book with WIFI(Broadband) .
    Please note , not a netbook , ipad or iphone but a notebook , preferably at least an i3 processor . This is a hands-on course where participants will make use of their own notebook to setup their own web site with all the necessary installation  and setups required . Notebook will have to be WIFI ready .
  • a valid credit card or cash as participants will be purchasing domains.
  • Simple English or Chinese as the medium of instructions depending on the participants enroll .

**You no need to have any technical knowledge to learn Internet marketing.

Date:  16 Jan 2015 ~ 18 Jan 2015  10:00am ~ 05:00pm
Venue: 73-01, Jalan Austin Height 3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100, Johor Bahru. (same row with RHB)

As seats are limited, please register your interest now!

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