Recently I went to a recruitment of Malaysia Premier Platform ( in Johor Bahru which organized by MCIL Multimedia Sdn Bhd.  MCIL Multimedia operates the country’s leading Chinese News Portals such as,,


Is, another  Whats the different between them?  I think basically just like, everything under the sun is up for sale. also has web store for merchant, let’s see what are the differences:

B2C Yes. must be a business registered with the Malaysian authorities Not necessary, there have two options, either personal or company, can be B2C or C2C
Annual Fees Yes, Min RM1200 ~ RM9000  (yearly renewal) RM348 ~ RM498 (yearly renewal)
One time registration fees Yes, RM600 (currently waive) No
Per transaction charges 5% ~ 8% 2.5% ~ 3.5%
Other handling fee Yes, there will be a fixed platform administration fee of
RM3 per transaction
1% ~7% (depends on the Category)
Products listing 500 ~ 5000 500 ~ 1500
Foreign merchants No Yes, additional documents required for verification purpose.
Delivery options must fullfill all product delivery through the platform designated logistic partners. No 3rd party shipper is allowed  No specific shipper
Combine Shipping for consumer No Yes
 Products listed in only Marketplace + Fashion Marketplace
 Payment options •Credit/Debit Cards •PayPal
•Direct Debit (Bank Transfer) •FPX
Netpay Payment, 1st year Annual Fees RM500 (waived)  Mobile Payment
 Merchant payment  retention   14 days upon successful delivery of product.  NO, unless buyer opt for Safe Trade, 7 days upon successful delivery of product.

Source:  and

**No comment on Logon store features as there’s no store features indicated in Logon Brochure.


logon2What are the marketing tools and marketing strategies Logon using?  According to China Press news on 7th November 2014, Logon main target audience is 7,000,000 Malaysia Chinese, MCIL Multimedia Sdn Bhd will spent RM220,000/month advertisement fees on their own Chinese Newspaper & magazines and spend RM400,000/month on their own Chinese News Portal like,,, LifeTV, Rodnline, Mywedding etc.


The successful of the platform rely on the merchants and the system, now we shall wait and see the Premier Platform Logon to perform, 26th November 2014 will be the official launching for Logon, the operation of the Logon store will start on 1st January 2015.


Jase Mannies Tan is a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner since 2004 and  leading practitioner on internet marketing and mobile marketing in Singapore and Malaysia.